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Korek apa yang korang nak tahu



what a wondeful morning,just now i opened MY FACEBOOK and i look at birthday zone.. i got two special people tht celebrate their BIRTHDAY tOday.. Omg! but still have a few people on my my facebook celebrate their birthday too.
here they are ...

:my superb pluffy dear xoxo :)

p/S-Happy birthdays dear.. hope all your wish become true.and thanky so much because always be with me in all matter.We throught it together.since 3th january 2005, i know behave like a sengal2 one. But after a fews months.. i know you are amazing just the way you are,babe. cehh! nak meleleh airmata i okayy.. :) whatever matter and bla bla.. i love you,my sengal one SISTa and my best friend tht i ever had.always love you babe till my DEATH♥


why i say 'MY SIDE'? Because this man always have with me. no matter what. yaa..even 'the man' always said : kalau i boring, i contact you.
but in fact,'the man' didnt mean it. :) thx to you! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

xoxo :)

him: you btul nk kawen?
i: nthh hmm :p
him:maknenye you nak lh tuh,lau diam jea kan HAHA :P
i: mane de :P
him: HAHAHA..
i: you pergi panggil tokkadi :P
him: dy pergi solat asar.
i: ishh..nape you ta thn dia?:p
him: i dh tahan, tapi motor dy takde breaklh, hurmmmm...
i: :/ huhuhu..
him: knape? you dh ta thn nak kawen ek.. hehehee
i: gedik! mane ade. huhuhu :P
him: you tuh yg gedik heeee :P
i: mane ade :P
i: huhuhu..tgk tuh.. sorry *again*
him: knape?
i: you mrh? :(
him: mane ade i mrh.. you pandai2 je bace isi hati i ek.HAAAA...
i: heee :p
him :sukenye..
i: takk bole? (:
him: bole la syg, i ckp jea.
i :hee.. thx :)
him: hurmmm... you buad pe jea ni?
i:dgr lagu,IM ngn you,tgk lappy (*tu jea*)
him: you dgr lagu ape?
him: you ckp kat i kea ,TAJUK LAGU.
i: :P
him: lagu feeling2 jea you dgr
i: biarlh
him: i pon tgh dgr lagu jugak, YOU THINK YOU LOVE ME (skrg)HAHAHA..
i: ouhh.. so sweet..suke dgr lagu2 felling ea? :P
him: tau tak sape nyanyi lagu tuh? :)
i :sape?
him: MYRA AMRAN.. heeee
i: week! ;p bila masa i nyanyi (:
him: haaa.. sebab tuh sumbang jea i dgr :P
i: ishh.. :P
him: wekk! u,i nk out dh nie,nati kita text lagi k.bye..take care :)♥

p/s : thx to youu..sbb teman i chat..having so much the great time.


ouhh. okay. I have to get ready for the next semester. There are many subjects that I have studied. more challenging. OMG! ya allah, you open the door of my life is to study hard again. Do not fool around, be serious .. Oh come! .. how the situation next semester? new junior will come ...heyy guys & ladies welcome to our POLYTECHNIC. great right? so biggg..LOL! Do not worry, we will keep you all as WELL as possible okay. We all here are good one, no bullying, no fighting, cehh ... as I promote my polytechnic. : D
DIPLOMA IN ISLAMIC BANKING & FINANCE, semester 2. wait for me! .. want to check back another month. I'm anxious to wait. auww ♥! miss my friends. I'm anxious to see you all,guys!


OKAYY.. this thing show that me.. takpayah ade boyfie.. ouch! so sweet guys.. i mean for this being of time i shouldn't have any special boy luffie in my life. try to get alone . can you,honey?? YEAH! of course youu can sygs... in this time,you shouldn't thinking about any guy ..your life will be smoothylicious if youu takde special guys.. actualy, i ta ready lagi. maybe you all will says PAST ARE PAST.. but for me its look like tragedy came back. I need time for this issue. my mind right now, cm org hilang mind. so terrible!

this time, my face was unpredictable emotion.. :) HAHAHA.. LOOK so gelojoh.. But i had great time with my syg♥:

NURUL ATEEQAH. thanks dear :)


why this all happened to my mother? what is wrong mother? today, I saw my mother cry. her swollen eyes. all the way back from the grandparents home. mom not to cry incessantly. when I saw my mom's face, I was helpless. I look like a child who is not helpful to my own mother .. I was bad right away? yaa .. it is true,mom. myra apologize for maternal leave in tears. myra tried to ask. but .. i'm so scared .. mothers may need more time. I understand, mother. I will try to be a good girl for you. mom please, do not be sad again. I want you like before. you are always happy, smiling, always laughing, always be a loyal listener to all my problems. I wish you the old,mom. I will not let you cry again. do not want to cry anymore okay .. will not beautiful like you was younger .. OMG! I honestly say that you still pretty as ever, mom. as the first time dad propose you,mom.

I kind of miss you. not as i miss you i love you,but i miss talking to you everyday like everyday,spilling our EMOTION talking about music,life and our problem.Everything we shared together. I miss when we used talk and now we like dont know each other anymore..even to meet so rarely.damn it! it looks like out of my mind when i thinking the time we've growth up together and it went so quickly.

credit to all my cousin :)

Sometimes i wonder why all of this thing happen to me.Do i really look so EVIL? Until all i wanted was not to be. people really know how to play with their own promises for.
sweet words? huh .. Now, there are tons of promises like me .. I was faced with this situation. we already broke up a year ago .. but .. he came back in my life. as always promises he will serve as a bridge for him to get back at me. he promises that he will not make me sad, crying, .. He said he would appreciate me completely. I think that all is not going to happen with an attitude like that he does not always hold to the promise. I am already tired of all this. I love that man. but I do not know whether he really loves me? the distance between us so far. I fear that this feeling is more and more developed. I can not face it alone. it is too difficult for me. Why me? Why should I deal with all this? Where is he? why he came back in my life? destroyed my life ....? Sometimes I think this is all nonsense. makes no sense. you probably think I was a cheerful, happy, no problem, always smiling. whatever .... Why you do me like this? What was my fault to you? If not, talk lah .. I do not want to do like a puppet. that you can play each time you like.I BEGGING YOU,PLEASE DONT MAKE ME LIKE THIS.



I probably shouldn’t say this.But at times I get so scared.When I think about the previous.Relationship we’ve shared.It was awesome but we lost it.It’s not possible for me not to care.
But nothin’s ever gonna change until you hear,my dear.
your games,your promise.You love me?you like her???You make me laugh,you make me miss you.I don’t know which side to buy.I wanna be with the one I know (YOU)It’s awkward and it’s look like nonesense.As I wait for you to say.What I need to hear now.Your sincere apology.And when you mean it, I’ll believe it.Compared to all the great things.That would take too long to write.I probably should mention.The 6 that I like most about youu.
You HAIR,your EYES,your FACE,your VOICE,You make me laugh,you make me cry
But I guess that’s both I’ll have to buy.Your hand in mine.When we’re intertwined everything’s alright.I wanna be with the one I know.And the 7th thing I like the most is:



MAYBE.. if i try like this .i still not get what i want..
Not my LUCK!
WANT IT AGAIN! btw,thx honeymuchi ku sbb sudi MERAYAP together2.. :)

loveyou baby till death . I always do: *