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Korek apa yang korang nak tahu


what a wondeful morning,just now i opened MY FACEBOOK and i look at birthday zone.. i got two special people tht celebrate their BIRTHDAY tOday.. Omg! but still have a few people on my my facebook celebrate their birthday too.
here they are ...

:my superb pluffy dear xoxo :)

p/S-Happy birthdays dear.. hope all your wish become true.and thanky so much because always be with me in all matter.We throught it together.since 3th january 2005, i know behave like a sengal2 one. But after a fews months.. i know you are amazing just the way you are,babe. cehh! nak meleleh airmata i okayy.. :) whatever matter and bla bla.. i love you,my sengal one SISTa and my best friend tht i ever had.always love you babe till my DEATH♥


why i say 'MY SIDE'? Because this man always have with me. no matter what. yaa..even 'the man' always said : kalau i boring, i contact you.
but in fact,'the man' didnt mean it. :) thx to you! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

xoxo :)

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