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Korek apa yang korang nak tahu


why this all happened to my mother? what is wrong mother? today, I saw my mother cry. her swollen eyes. all the way back from the grandparents home. mom not to cry incessantly. when I saw my mom's face, I was helpless. I look like a child who is not helpful to my own mother .. I was bad right away? yaa .. it is true,mom. myra apologize for maternal leave in tears. myra tried to ask. but .. i'm so scared .. mothers may need more time. I understand, mother. I will try to be a good girl for you. mom please, do not be sad again. I want you like before. you are always happy, smiling, always laughing, always be a loyal listener to all my problems. I wish you the old,mom. I will not let you cry again. do not want to cry anymore okay .. will not beautiful like you was younger .. OMG! I honestly say that you still pretty as ever, mom. as the first time dad propose you,mom.

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