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Korek apa yang korang nak tahu


Sometimes i wonder why all of this thing happen to me.Do i really look so EVIL? Until all i wanted was not to be. people really know how to play with their own promises for.
sweet words? huh .. Now, there are tons of promises like me .. I was faced with this situation. we already broke up a year ago .. but .. he came back in my life. as always promises he will serve as a bridge for him to get back at me. he promises that he will not make me sad, crying, .. He said he would appreciate me completely. I think that all is not going to happen with an attitude like that he does not always hold to the promise. I am already tired of all this. I love that man. but I do not know whether he really loves me? the distance between us so far. I fear that this feeling is more and more developed. I can not face it alone. it is too difficult for me. Why me? Why should I deal with all this? Where is he? why he came back in my life? destroyed my life ....? Sometimes I think this is all nonsense. makes no sense. you probably think I was a cheerful, happy, no problem, always smiling. whatever .... Why you do me like this? What was my fault to you? If not, talk lah .. I do not want to do like a puppet. that you can play each time you like.I BEGGING YOU,PLEASE DONT MAKE ME LIKE THIS.

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