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Korek apa yang korang nak tahu


ouhh. okay. I have to get ready for the next semester. There are many subjects that I have studied. more challenging. OMG! ya allah, you open the door of my life is to study hard again. Do not fool around, be serious .. Oh come! .. how the situation next semester? new junior will come ...heyy guys & ladies welcome to our POLYTECHNIC. great right? so biggg..LOL! Do not worry, we will keep you all as WELL as possible okay. We all here are good one, no bullying, no fighting, cehh ... as I promote my polytechnic. : D
DIPLOMA IN ISLAMIC BANKING & FINANCE, semester 2. wait for me! .. want to check back another month. I'm anxious to wait. auww ♥! miss my friends. I'm anxious to see you all,guys!

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