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TOday, myra nak mengomel sikit *tataulah byk ke sikit* .HAHAHA. Apa eak? bagi cadangan sikit? hmmm.. *jap tgh berfikir* :)ahh... ini dia : Love Before Marriage

Love before marriage is the love that come from daily interactions with individuals who have in common in terms of taste, personality, interests and way of life. Sometimes love is love at first sight that suddenly appear, and it may also be constructed in stages of love through meetings and daily interactions. Love before marriage is usually not recommended in Islam, for fear it would upset lovers to disobedience and negligence in the arena of romance. However, if romance is a good goal, namely to bring the lovers into the portable throne and legally binding, so the lover who believed and feared Allah, they must maintain the following items:

♥ . TAKE CARE OF limits do not affect the interaction with each other, no time for hours with bertelefon or talk, and not to make their relationships as husband and wife who are legally married . They should be aware and ashamed because they have yet to have any rights over each other.

♥ .RESPECT dignity and their self-esteem, in other words do not allow ourselves to two-pair with a lover, as the third person is the devil. In addition, non-illuminated decorative ornament or appeared before a loved one due to fear can increase libido lover. Ideally, any meeting should involve incest or parents who monitor their behavior.Jangan lupa menjaga maruah or senang2 jea bagi maruah kita kat orang yang baru kita kenal.OUR DIGNITY is OUR LIFE as A WOMEN :)

♥ . GET consent and parental consent is a factor of success in love before marriage. Blessing of the parents to facilitate the process of engagement and the wedding will take place in the continuity of that love. Parents must play their part by ensuring that children do not forget about personal responsibility and moral constraints and religion during sex.restu daripada parents its one of important on a relationship.

♥ . PRAY wishes and prayers are held to love and blessing of Allah be pleased with . Pray to God that love can lead to personal perfection and the perfection of religion to get married and keep the love going.So banyakbanyak berdoa:)

♥ .ALWAYS prayer for courage to be loved it is best to be a partner until the end of life . Do not love someone because of wealth, appearance, or his descendants, but love and honor him for his religious morals. Prayer istikharah help to individuals who love it no regrets with his choice and his duty to assist the romance is to establish a protected home. If he is in love without intending to get married but just want to play and joyful, then love is a hoax and every act to trigger the sin and the wrath of God.

Just that je lah brother and sista.. next time if i think tangan ni rasa so rajin nak menulis lagi.. I WILL UPDATESSS.


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